19 December 2013

Is this the best marketers can do?

Secret Marketer

I was not at all surprised to read that the Liberal Democrats are busy recruiting social media experts, as the next General Election will be the first in which social media will take centre stage. But I have raised the odd eyebrow to discover just how digital spam-crazy brands and agencies have gone this Christmas.

The customer is always first

As a shopper marketing agency we were astounded to read the shameful list of basic errors made by the so-called ‘creative agencies’ the Secret Marketer briefed. But, when you say ‘creative agencies’, is it fair to assume that their core focus is developing awareness through mass media based ideas? And from this you develop activation […]

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Ruth Mortimer

This year was called ‘Empty 13’: no Olympics, no World Cup, no general elections, no… well, anything. It was hailed as a year to forget before it had even begun. But 2013 has not been empty. This was the year in which we discovered that spending £1 on advertising adds £6 to the economy and in which content marketing exploded, with claims that 20 per cent of every pound in marketing is spent on content.

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