19 January 2012

Brand development will save you from the storm

Playing it safe is perhaps the most popular way to navigate choppy waters and there is certainly comfort and reassurance in turning to tried and trusted solutions. Just ask football managers Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson, who last week turned to semi-retired legends of the past to boost their playing squads for the challenges […]

Value-added promotions will come to fore in 2012

Mark Ritson is absolutely right when he says that “discounting grows sales, but at the expense of brand equity and customer relationships” (MW last week). The past 12 months have been characterised by an over-reliance on price promotions and although brands are making noises about trying to stop these and instead focus on value-added promotions, […]

Middle management does contribute to the bottom line

Middle managers are often the first victims of cost-cutting. But thinning-out this management layer can be a short-sighted move. Middle managers are figures of fun. It goes with the territory. The conflicted behaviour that results from being sandwiched between the needs of a team and the demands of a boss is natural comic material. Watch […]

Partnership models are the path to prosperity


Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg believes he has the answer to creating strong growth for the UK. He suggests that the country needs to become “more of a John Lewis economy” with mass employee share ownership. The message has global resonance right now. The United Nations has announced that 2012 is an “International Year of […]

Ad break? Tweet time? Give me a break!


In years gone by, defending the worth of TV advertising was a simple brief that involved lots of long lunches and the occasional awards ceremony. In the brave new age of digital communications, however, it is no easy feat and much of the credit for the continued strength of TV as an advertising media must […]

We need to talk about dying


Asking people to face the consequences of their death is a big challenge for brands that deal with post-life services, but attitudes are changing thanks to a radical ad by Aviva and web services that highlight the benefits of facing the inevitable. A year after Aviva’s life insurance campaign featuring comedian Paul Whitehouse as a […]

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