Secret Marketer: One plus one doesn’t make three

Secret Marketer

I was recently invited back to my old university to hear a speech by the CEO of a leading pharma business about how he, a fellow alumnus, had moved from spotty-faced teenager to head one of the most successful companies in the country. Apart from the CV-envy I tried to stifle I was fascinated by […]

Sex… does it still sell?


Debate over the use of sexual imagery in marketing has been reignited by – of all people – a ham maker and the National Trust. Lucy Handley looks at what counts as justified use of provocative advertising, as the regulator promises not to shy away from tightening up the rules.

Mobile plays lead role in growth of gaming


The number of gamers playing on mobile devices is growing so rapidly that it is now the fastest-growing gaming platform, according to research seen by Marketing Week. Michael Barnett discovers why this is good news for advertisers.

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