Er, what the Dickens is he on about?

Dear old Neil Dickens, Camelot’s security director. He is busy trying to track down the scoundrel who leaked documents to an “alert but obscure” magazine (according to the News of the World) revealing the company directors’ “fat cat” pay. And good luck to him – the Diary hates a snitch. But he has managed to […]

New scheme to police posters

The outdoor industry is to introduce a new system of policing controversial poster campaigns, in a bid to crack down on publicity-seeking advertisers. Advertisers which run campaigns that break ad regulations, often hoping to get free publicity, will be shown a football-style “yellow card”. They will have to seek copy advice from the Committee of […]

Bates creative chief Ashton quits

Tim Ashton, executive creative director of Bates Dorland, quit the agency last week after two years. Ashton was brought in by Paul Twivy, the former Bates Dorland chief executive who left acrimoniously last autumn, and subsequently took successful legal action against the agency for wrongful dismissal. Ashton replaced Andrew Cracknell, who is now chairman of […]

Gay loyalty programme faces financial crisis

The organiser of a loyalty card scheme aimed at gay men is facing a financial crisis and accusations of letting down the gay community. The Freedom Festival Company, set up in January, originally claimed it would raise up to 1.2m a year for gay and Aids-related charities through a loyalty card scheme and annual festival, […]

Top-level departure at Boots sparks reshuffle

The departure of Brian Whalam, director of The Boots Company and managing director of Halfords, has resulted in a number of key appointments at the company’s headquarters in Nottingham. Whalam is to be succeeded by the managing director of Do It All, Ken Piggott, who in turn will be replaced by Rob Scribbins, logistics director […]

Try this….if youu’re really gullible

The Diary, public spirited as ever, has a cautionary tale for Marketing Week readers, after an alarming scam came to light. Top marketers are being sent what purports to be an advertisement from Executive Focus magazine, espousing the virtues of signing up to various US monthly or fortnightly reports at some considerable cost. The ad […]


Car giant Ford is at the crossroads. Faced with a declining market share and diverse brands, it has embarked on a radical restructure, giving responsibility for each model to dedicated, individual teams. But it doesn’t seem to know whether to

WH Smith needs to back to basics

As the new managing diretor of WH Smith, Beverley Huston will have her work cut out as, if she means to win bigger spending customers and boost sales, she will have to completely rethink the chain’s focus.

Benefits of delivering the goods

When allotting budgets for building brands and customer loyalty schemes, marketers would do well to incorporate the concept of replenishment into their agenda. This would add a powerful new element of service to what they offer, save money and

Sainsbury’s makes move into toys

Sainsbury’s is making its first foray into toy retailing by testing Early Learning Centre pre-school toys in six stores. The company confirms the test, but refuses to comment further. J Sainsbury’s hypermarket chain Savacentre already sells toys but, according to toy industry observers, most food retailers have repeatedly treated toys with indifference, despite having a […]

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