19 November 2009

Does your brand have the stretch factor?


O2 is stretching its brand into healthcare, education and financial services as it seeks to bring great customer experiences to new sectors, but should your business consider a similar strategy? O2’s marketing team explains to Mark Choueke how they did it

Put the customer first, then success will follow

O2’s 21 million customers makes it the biggest telecoms company in the UK. Larger, as we learned last week, than its former parent BT (19.4 million landlines). There is no doubt that, like all businesses, O2 faces its own set of challenges right now – our news story on page 4 alone confirms that. But what’s interesting is the nature of O2’s structure as a business and how it equips the senior management to deal with such challenges. For O2 is led, truly led, by marketers.

Co-op is best at umbrella marketing

The first advert to use the music of Bob Dylan, which brought our food, travel, pharmacy, bank, insurance and funeralcare businesses under one brand, is without doubt the umbrella marketing success story of 2009.

Do not underestimate value of putting customers first

It is refreshing to hear that high-street banks are seriously addressing how they can effectively use their online presence to match their product offerings to customers’ goals (Bank websites need stronger connection, MW last week). However, it is vital that banks now take a multichannel, 360 degree approach to prospective and existing customers and not underestimate the value that a truly customer-centric approach can yield.

Indies fighting back

They often have public sympathy on their side, but the one weapon they have lacked until now is strategic information that would enable them to make better choices and capture customers’ loyalty to protect their businesses against rival attacks on their market share.

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