2 August 2012

The Secret Marketer: be prepared for PR

Secret Marketer

This week I went on a media training refresher course. The agency set me three tasks – one with a print journalist down the line, a live TV interview and finally a live radio session in a studio. All went pretty well, if I say so myself, which I guess is a combination of much practice, a lot of luck and good fortune.

Quiet London calls for tactical marketing


London is abuzz with Olympics fever, but retailers in central and West London aren’t getting the bump they expected, which means that a burst of short term tactical marketing activity is needed to drive shoppers across town.

IOC’s brand blockade is starting to break

Ruth Mortimer

The London 2012 Olympics will go down in history as the first Games where even the ambush marketers got ambushed. Australian insurance firm iSelect is currently running an ad that plays on the notoriety of those brands unofficially cashing in on the Olympics… while conveniently promoting itself. Apart from the iSelect cash-in, ambush marketing at […]

Letters: 2 August 2012

Twitter is just too noisy for Olympic brand campaigns Your claim that sponsors are falling short of the gold standard in the first social media Olympics (MWlinks/co.uk/ someolympics) fails to mention that Twitter’s nature of short messaging is not necessarily conducive to bespoke brand campaigns. Much of what happens on Twitter could simply be described […]

Bankers’ crocodile tears will not wash

Mark Ritson

It was a bright July morning in Beverly Hills. Kristen Stewart rose early and left the three-bedroom house that she shared with her boyfriend and fellow film star Robert Pattinson and headed for the city. At some point that morning, she picked up Rupert Sanders, the man who had recently finished directing her in the […]

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