2 February 2012

Why the customer is your key to leadership

Ruth Mortimer

Anyone can be a leader, argues Professor Richard Jolly of London Business School. It doesn’t have to be the chief executive; it can be anyone who takes a position of authority within an organisation and leverages that for success. The opportunity is ripe for marketers. “Management equals control but leadership equals persuasion,” explained Jolly when he […]

Mainstream brands make a play for the super rich list


For a Q&A with Quintessentially’s co-founder Ben Elliot, click here Explore a case study with private jet magazine The Private Journey, click here To see Ledbury Research’s analysis of wealth archetypes in Asia, Russia and the Middle East, click here There is a group of people for whom the recession has barely registered. They could […]

The Secret Marketer: Are retailers ready for foreign visitors?

After reading the continued bulletins of doom and gloom in the national media, I decided to take a couple of days out of the office this week to form my own view as to future trading prospects. I was pleased to see a reassuring number of consumers out and about spending, but intrigued by where […]

Cheap date wrong way to build trust


I couldn’t agree more with Branwell Johnson’s leader column (MW last week) that brand trust is absolutely critical for today’s premium brands. However, it strikes me that this is particularly pertinent given the increasingly loud signals being sent out by deals websites such as Groupon, which serve to devalue the customer relationship by encouraging promiscuous […]

Basket pages let mobile commerce down

It is all very well retailers spending millions of pounds ensuring consumers are able to navigate their mobile sites, but the minute the customer decides to make a purchase it becomes clear that facilitating mobile commerce for the consumer has not yet permeated to the basket pages. Consumers are typically forced to enter their billing […]

New BlackBerry leader must rediscover the brand’s USP

Given BlackBerry’s poor performance, the double departure of brand owner Research In Motion’s co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie (MWlinks.co.uk/ BBCEO) smacks more of a quick dash for the exit rather than what the former describes as “passing the baton”. One of the problems is that the BlackBerry brand has lost its USP. Rival instant […]

Contactless payments need a push

Tom Gregory from Barclaycard is right in saying that driving awareness is key to increasing take-up of contactless payment (‘Brands get behind push for contactless’, MW 19 January) but it’s not the only factor. More card providers must give their users the opportunity to use contactless payment, and more retailers must accept this payment method, […]

Why a funding cut can be an opportunity


In her first interview since becoming director of marketing and audiences at the BBC last year, Helen Normoyle tells Lara O’Reilly how the broadcaster’s marketing teams can continue to deliver at a fraction of the cost

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