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Trust me, don’t use these Columnist Mark Ritson followed up his claim that all marketers need to define their brand is three little words, by pulling up innovation, integrity and trust as the three most clichéd and overused concepts employed by marketers around the globe toposition their brand. Read his column at mwlinks.co.uk/ integrityinnovation, and […]

Online communities should not be restricted to research

Brands adopting “insight” as their mantra at your 1-2-1 Research Summit (MW 19 May) are doing so with good reason – the benefits of bringing insight into businesses, especially via customer communities, are clearly stated in the piece but I’d like to have heard more on client engagement. RSA’s Caroline Van den Bos touched on […]

Levi’s cuts it right with new position

The decision by Levi’s to reject a large advertising campaign in favour of more appropriate marketing methods (MW last week) is both brave and admirable. All too often brands that have a strong belief at their heart fall down by promoting these values in inappropriate ways. In many cases, spending budgets on large scale advertising […]

Brand guardians can bridge great divide


Brands can use the tension that often exists between sales and marketing professionals to strengthen both functions by aligning each department’s objectives and sharing targets and knowledge.

The $2-a-day consumer


Cultivating the $2-a-day consumer: The African continent’s lower middle-class – those with $2-a-day to spend – are set to swell, presenting fertile ground for brands to expand. P&G, PJ Cussons and SAB Miller are among the pioneers laying the groundwork.

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