Creativity cuts through the clutter

Research shows that people are happy to receive marketing messages by e-mail and technology is helping marketers to think around the obstacles and into consumers’ in-boxes. By Martin Croft E-mail is a cheap and effective way to reach consumers – when it is done well. But when it’s done badly, it becomes spam and marketers […]

The BMA is slacking – germ warfare belongs below the belt

The BMA’s ethics and science chief has got all hot under the collar about the dangers of tie-wearing doctors, but she hasn’t got to the bottom of the problem If by chance there pants and frets among London’s teeming population of comely PR girls, one who would care to rest from organising press conferences at […]

It’s the little things that count

Event organisers don’t have to come up with totally new ideas to make an impression. By paying attention to detail and tailoring the content they can entertain and engage. By Richenda Wilson One event swept the board at the Incentive Travel & Meetings Association (ITMA) Awards in January – the international press launch of the […]

In with the old: in with the young

On-the-job training and mentoring is proven to help inexperienced marketers develop their skills. But what happens when older staff, with the knowledge to pass on, are scarce? asks Victoria Furness Forget the pink pound and the “yoof” market, it’s the grey pound that marketers should be targeting, since – industry pundits tell us – this […]

We still create the best brands, so who cares who owns them?

Foreign ownership of British companies will always be a sore point, but as long as we continue to create the best conditions for brand building, Britain will remain the ultimate ‘nation brand’. By Rita Clifton When I see news stories about looming foreign takeover bids for some of our “national treasure” companies, I find myself […]

Europe takes a shine to online

The latest research shows online advertising across Europe growing steadily, and taking a larger slice of the ad spend cake. This suggests marketers are starting to take the internet seriously Online advertising’s share of media spend is reaching 5% in many European markets, as marketers start to re-orientate their focus to follow the audiences who […]

Carling drafts in help

Profits for top UK beer Carling are sliding, and its image never recovered from the axing of ‘Black Label’. Can BMB change that? asks David Benady Coors Brewers’ appointment last week of Beattie McGuinness Bungay (BMB), the agency run by creative director Trevor Beattie, to Carling’s advertising account (MW last week) comes as pressures mount […]

Censorship, controversy, PR and paranoia at this year’s Super Bowl

PR got the ball rolling for brands featured during this year’s game, but ad content wrangles and a half-time show dispute kept people talking after the whistle blew On February 5, Detroit played host to Super Bowl XL in which the Pittsburgh Steelers took on the Seattle Seahawks, and the advertisers of Madison Avenue, who […]

Who wants to be a player?

Third-generation consoles, multi-player games and more people attracted by new formats have combined to raise marketing interest. After all, games offer an arena where players – who favour in-game advertising – can interact with each other and brands. By Nathalie Kilby Labelled by some as the “third generation of advertising”, in-game product marketing is beginning […]

Fuller adds spice to Formula 1

Simon Fuller, the man behind the Spice Girls, is to mastermind F1 Honda team’s marketing, helping it make a blip on young people’s radars. But Formula 1, with its internal disputes and complex rights structure, won’t be a smooth ride for the pop impresario, says Barny Stokes When Nick Fry, chief executive of the Formula […]

Battle to get British teens’ pulse racing

Figures hot from the Ofcom press reveal an alarming picture for television companies and advertisers alike. It’s not just that viewers are down/ they’re significantly declining in the vital 16 to 24 and 25 to 34 categories. In the two years to December 2005, total television reach (defined as 15 minutes’ TV viewing in a […]

Collaboration is key for in-store marketing

If the effectiveness of in-store marketing is to be maintained and the in-store arena is to unleash its commercial potential, retailers and brands have to understand how to integrate this environment into the communication planning process. Your article “Waste not want not” (MW February 9) only adds fuel to the fire for the fight by […]

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