2 September 2010

Why winning at Cannes means so much to WPP

If a Cannes award is the best measure of an agency’s creative prowess, then success next year is the only option open to WPP. As journalists well know, the most interesting nuggets of information are often to be found at the bottom of a press release. And WPP Group’s latest fact-packed compendium – out last […]

Marketing 1, City 0


I am writing in response to your article about graduates swapping City life for marketing (MW last week). As a Marketing MSc student, I’ve always aspired to a high-powered marketing role and was intrigued by the implication that City skills can be easily transferred to the marketing profession.

Call it what you want, but it’s just CRM

After reading Richard Madden’s article on ditching customer relationship management for product relationship management (MW 19 August), am I not right in thinking that CRM is all about understanding a customer’s relationship with your products and using this insight to communicate with them appropriately? Admittedly, that does mean you have to know your consumer to […]

FMCG brands would benefit by sharing online platforms

FMCG brands are still reluctant to engage with consumers outside their own websites because they want to directly own and control the relationship with the consumer. However, this insistence on trying to force unnatural behaviour by driving consumers to FMCG brand websites is puzzling. It means brand owners must invest heavily in online and traditional […]

Social media is for people, not brands


An MBA student asked me last week what my problem was with social media. She’d just completed my 12-week Brand Management course throughout which I had been openly hostile to the idea of social media as a communications revolution for brands. The way she had asked me suggested that she thought it was a simple […]

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