20 April 2006

Brand valuation – Plug into a higher voltage

Marketers could decide early which brand has the vital energy to climb all the way to the top. A potential for growing market share based on a brands ability to bond with customers, rather than mere market value, is the novel factor in the Top 100 UK BrandZ study. By Ian McCawley

Programming and promotions undermine TV marketing drive

The appointment of a chief executive at Thinkbox is a vote of confidence in the future of TV ads, but one weekend’s viewing shows the scale of the problem My ringing endorsement proved to be the kiss of death. Two months ago Sampson left ITV in the latest round of departures, thus forfeiting the Thinkbox […]

Optimising the search mix

Marketers spent £1.4bn on online advertising in the UK in 2005, 7.8% of the total spent on advertising in this country. And £768.4m of that £1.4bn was spent on search marketing alone. That means that, as an advertising medium, search marketing

Moto on a new road

Catering giant Compass has completed the sale of its travel concessions business, in a deal that sees Australian bank Macquarie become the new owner of motorway service station brand Moto.

A multi-platform connection

More and more brands are running promotional campaigns across multiple media platforms. Mobile, online and interactive have all become channels that marketers can no longer afford to ignore, and advertisers are learning the benefits of using a

Step nearer to brand valuation ‘perfection’

It’s tempting to view brand valuation methodologies in the same light as alchemy. There’s certainly science in them, but also much which appears speculative and irritatingly esoteric to any but the cognoscenti. Yet, we are compelled to give th

Newspapers need to adapt to digital age

I was interested to read your article on the digital future of national newspapers (MW March 30), and would agree that, with the digital age upon us, it is no longer enough of a pull for national papers to merely syndicate news on their websites. With the advent of technologies such as RSS feeds, and […]

Planning is the best form of integration

Bruce Haines might well be correct in his view that Leo Burnett’s decision to move its Arc creative department onto the same floor as its above-the-line creative department makes it: “different to every other agency in town” (MW April 6). Whether it makes it more integrated is another matter entirely. At Delaney Lund Knox Warren […]

Taking shop floor service online is not easy

The latest news from Dixons (MW last week) comes as little surprise to the industry – online is the direction the consumer electronics market is taking. However, for the Dixons brand to succeed online, it urgently needs to review its e-commerce infrastructure to give it the fuel it requires to take the online consumer electronics […]

Or hide the true realities of the brand experience?

If things haven’t been going too well on the job front recently, the Diary has the perfect explanation. According to a recent survey by a group of architects calling themselves Gensler, 69% of media and publishing professionals don’t believe their office has been designed to support their job function. Over a third rate their offices […]

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