20 January 2011

The Secret Marketer on the misuse of statistics


I got a great new business mailing this week. It was from a media owner trying to flog me a package of poster sites. The case study was compelling. A brand that had used this media had experienced unprecedented success. The sales uplifts were truly impressive by anybody’s standards. Stellar results. Who wouldn’t be sold […]

Barclays must put its customers first


Barclays Group chief executive Bob Diamond faced a tough gig last week when he spent the morning being grilled by the House of Commons Treasury Committee as part of its investigation into competition and choice in the banking sector. If you add his bonus and basic salary, Diamond earns about £10m a year – or […]

Facebook has made move to mainstream

Mark Ritson was bold to play devil’s advocate on the value of Facebook (MW last week) but has possibly misunderstood what it has become. It has long ceased to be ’cool’, making the rare leap to become part of the everyday lives of the masses. A look at one of the (400 million) average user’s […]

Marketers must increase skill levels

With pay rates hitting a five-year low, women earning less than their male counterparts and recruitment of marketers slipping down the priority list (MW last week), marketers need to increase the skill levels to ensure resilience in what is still a turbulent employment market. While continuing professional development (CPD) will certainly go a long way, […]

On the brink of a revolution in consumer behaviour

Online retail: New trends

As a result of the recent the VAT increase and the possibility of a double-dip recession, I agree with Richard Madden that there seems to be a revolution in consumer behaviour for 2011 (MW 6 January). As public anxiety towards spending increases, consumers are becoming more clued up to the benefits of pre-purchase research, more […]

In need of flexibility

Motherhood: Puts career at risk

The Marketing Week Salary Survey (MW last week) raises two important points. First, your feature only tells part of the story regarding women’s average salaries in marketing. One of the real issues for women with children who work in this sector is that many would like more flexibility from their employer through working part-time or […]

Stuart Smith on Gary Digby and ITV

Say what you like about him, veteran ITV sales director and professional rough diamond Gary Digby will be sorely missed. One rival put it this way: “Media buyers will now see ITV as an easier place to do their negotiations and will expect to save millions.” Digby has been closely associated with ITV’s Lazarus-like commercial […]

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