Look longer when creating your brand’s visual identity

If companies have mastered the art of corporate branding, why are packaged goods so poor at using visual identity to communicate with consumers? asks Don Williams Visual brand identity is paramount in enabling consumers to recognise brands. Not just at the point of purchase, but throughout all media. Corporations have long understood that a brand’s […]

At your service

The top jobs at three of the most influential trade bodies in marketing have come up for grabs simultaneously. Malcolm Earnshaw, director-general of the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) and Andrew Brown, director-general of t

Leaving the past behind

Stephen Woodford, DDB London’s newly recruited chief executive and chairman, has plenty of experience working with colourful characters. It should stand him in good stead for his new role.

Investors think big

In times of stock market uncertainty it is usual to see a flight to quality, with investors favouring larger companies over small, especially those that are perceived to have robust earnings, a strong balance sheet, and whose shares are on an

Consortium aims to tip scales for media planning

BLM, the UK’s largest independent media agency, last week helped launch Columbus Media International – a global media consortium designed to be an “alternative” to the big, multinational networks (MW last week). It believes the model will translate on a multi-region basis and says advantages offered by independents, such as bespoke planning and negotiations on […]

Permission impossible?

When first introduced, permission marketing heralded a golden era for business. Consumers would actively engage with brands, searching for the products and services they were interested in, while sharing their preferences so they did not miss

Reasons to be cheerful

Frivolity is no longer an adequate excuse. These days, it’s only acceptable to have fun at a corporate outing if some serious business or bonding is happening too.

Crunch time for Golden Wonder

Golden Wonder launched the world’s first cheese and onion crisps 45 years ago, yet its halcyon days as a market leader are a distant memory for the snack-buying public, who have long fallen out of love with the brand.

Growing up with Google

D avid Cameron received a mixed reaction to his call for us to “hug a hoodie” as he argued that young people are often mistakenly lumped together in one homogeneous group: perceived as shallow and irresponsible, more interested in drink and dr

It’s no longer an enigma

It had to happen really. How could marketers have failed to notice the success of something completely made up, but that has attracted a huge number of devotees who are convinced by its claims?

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