Making its marque

Aston Martin Vanquish

Aston Martin global marketing director Markus Kramer talks about the marketing challenges facing luxury brands and how his brand is celebrating its centenary.

Sticking with the stereotype is one of the surest guarantees of failure

Branwell Johnson

Marketers have a duty to challenge conventional wisdom and overturn accepted practices. That’s how companies become innovators and gain a competitive edge. Our Essential Read in this issue (find it here) shows how brands can reap the benefit of rejecting unwarranted assumptions – in this case by ditching outmoded gender stereotypes. Did you know that […]

All power to the hashtag

It’s very powerful for brands to keep on top of what is ‘relevant’ at a particular time for a consumer, and personalised, dynamic marketing is an extension to that conversation (  With sight of hot topics and conversations, brands can almost pre-empt how a consumer is feeling and serve marketing messages that are personalised and […]

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