20 October 2005

In the battle of the loo, France’s water wipes out England’s paper

A recent opinion poll has confirmed what the English have always known: the French smell. However, we Brits aren’t as hygienic as we like to think we are Warning: this column contains scatological material, possibly from the outset, which some readers may find offensive. There: that should ensure above-average interest in what is to follow. […]

The power of a union

Brand licensing has grown up and is now big business for corporate brands, celebrities and sport. But consumers won’t be fooled by hastily put-together or ill-fitting partnerships. By Nathalie Kilby If asked to think of brand licensing, most people’s thoughts would turn to children’s and character entertainment licensing or feature films. While such licensing will […]

A word to the worldly-wise

Advertising that works in one country may offend the population of another. Market research can prevent such disasters when using a global campaign or a more localised one, says Alicia Clegg

Goggle-eyed and helpless at google’s commission cheek

For Google to say that the abolition of agency commissions is entirely separate from best practice funding is surprising. But to ignore the effect it will have on the industry is simply outrageous, says Wayne Arnold Google’s decision to scrap the traditional 15 per cent media commission system on its search business, in favour of […]

Marks & Spencer may yet find its feet – in the middle ground

Inspired by the ‘we cater for everyone’ Tesco, Stuart Rose has mapped out a plan for M&S’s recovery – and the early signs suggest he is on the right track Can a retailer survive in the middle market nowadays? In a world where mass markets are disintegrating, discounters and high-end specialists are flourishing, and shopper […]

ASA defies its many critics

The ASA is celebrating its first anniversary as a one-stop shop for those wishing to complain about television, radio and non-broadcast ads, and despite being denounced as the advertising industry’s ‘judge and jury’ by critics, its position is unlikely to be weakened, says Sonoo Singh The regulator that ensures ads for bags of crisps or […]

The BBH vision thing

With British Airways and Unilever handing their business to Bartle Bogle Hegarty last week, BBH is on a transformative winning streak. So how does a medium-sized agency manage to implement global strategies, bed down new business and still maintain its creative flair? asks David Benady Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) last week continued its long run […]

CCS could do with polishing up its DM skills

If there’s one thing that really gets on people’s nerves, it’s the way Brassed Off Britain is mentioned every time the subject of direct mail comes up. So readers can rest assured that Brassed Off Britain won’t be mentioned on the Diary’s watch. In a case straight out of Brassed Off Britain, Philip Crick (of […]

BA: the agencies’ favourite airline

Far from the loss of the BA account signalling a crisis for M&C Saatchi (Analysis, MW last week), it could well be the making of the agency. Having sat through a chemistry meeting with M&C staff last year (in my previous retail life), and expe

Selfridges to unveil new online design

Selfridges is relaunching its website at the beginning of November, which has been completely redesigned to look like a fashion magazine. It has been designed by award-winning agency AllofUs, which has Motorola and Sky among its clients. The website makes heavy use of Selfridges’ corporate yellow and black colours, and includes regularly updated information on […]

Five’s flight from reality acknowledges failure

Five has pledged to make no more reality shows, as part of a move upmarket, saying the genre has passed its sell-by date. Director of programmes Dan Chambers announced the change of tack at a Broadcasting Press Guild lunch last week. “For me, reality has been and gone now,” he said, adding that Channel 4 […]

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