20 October 2011

Making DM relevant


Do you want to know an open secret? Marketers who prefer an all-singing, all-dancing creative would do better to focus on making DM relevant to their target audience, according to an annual study seen by Marketing Week.

Mark Ritson: A new era – accessibility now trumps being premium

If you were ever in need of evidence of the fundamental ignorance of much of the business community, it was widely on display at the start of this month when Apple launched its new iPhone 4S. Usually awed critics suddenly started to mouth their concerns with reviews ranging from “lacklustre” and “under-whelming” to “a very […]

The three bitter pills you need to take to restore brand trust

Regaining the trust of consumers poses a tough challenge, requiring major behavioural change and a leap of faith in your staff. Over the years, Marketing Week has raised many weighty issues, not least the boardroom status of marketing, the future of curated media in a de-channelled world, and why the byline picture of Wally Olins […]

Look beyond gamification as a buzzword

While I agree it is probable that not all marketers understand ’gamification’ (NMAlinks.co.uk/ UnderstandGamification), I share Guy Krief’s concerns with the term’s use because I believe it is becoming too much of a buzzword to be taken seriously. It sounds too faddish and temporary. We find better traction by describing it as ’the game layer’ […]

Size is not what will divide us with data

I disagree with Michael Nutley’s view that a divide is being created between big and smaller companies simply due to data management budgets (’Is your brand a data have or have-not?’, MW 6 October). The problem is more holistic than that in the sense that the technology isn’t as sophisticated as it needs to be […]

Subtlety wins the race

Olympic sponsorship is not about gaining high brand visibility and the fact that some of the major London 2012 sponsors received “fairly poor” levels of prompted awareness (MW 13 October) is in line with expectations. Indeed, the Olympic Stadium and other facilities will be virtually brand free environments with no perimeter advertising. Olympic sponsors will […]

It’s a data tidal wave not an elephant!

Steve Hemsley’s feature “Embracing the elephant in the room” (Data Strategy 13 October) raises both a valid point and a word of caution for those marketers rushing off to bravely confront the new world of Big Data. The tidal wave of data will only get bigger as new platforms continue to emerge and interactions and […]

Remapping marketing to the changing consumer brain


Our brains are rewiring in response to the trend for consuming several media simultaneously, say scientists. This has far-reaching implications for marketers, who must find ways to grab the attention of a new type of consumer, who, while a natural multi-tasker, has a much shorter attention span.

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