21 March 2013

‘The appointment of a chief digital officer is a bad idea’

Ashley Friedlein

The rise of the chief digital officer (CDO) role has so far been most noticeable in the US with several large companies appointing them. The perceived need for a CDO is typically to try and accelerate digital transformation and to bridge the divide that can exist between the chief marketing officer (CMO) and chief information officer (CIO).

marketer2marketer: The FT’s Jocelyn Cripps and Starwood Hotels’ Nicolas Hauvespre

Also in this story Living in financial times: FT chief marketer Jocelyn Cripps explains how her brand stays relevant (cover story) How the FT will innovate this year Q&A: Jocelyn Cripps on social media, the recession and the title’s future Case study: The FT’s 125 year anniversary offer Nicolas HauvespreRegional director of marketingStarwood Hotels Western […]

Yahoo! boss has a point about ‘remote’ working

Secret Marketer

It may come across that I am rather cynical about the latest business and marketing trends. While this is not strictly true, it does help to create a good debate. Now I would like to extend this cynicism to the modern approach to team building and line management.

Has Tesco stretched its neck out too far with Giraffe?

Mark Ritson

When Jack Cohen found himself with a shipment of tea from Thomas Edward Stockwell in 1924 he needed a new brand name to sell the merchandise. So he took the three initials of the tea brand and the first two letters of his surname to create Tesco and the approach to branding that his supermarket would take for the next 80 years. Everything created by the company would be sold using the Tesco brand. It was the quintessential branded house.

How the FT will innovate this year

FT editor Lionel Barber knows the title must innovate to survive. In an email to staff in January he said: “Our common cause is to secure the FT’s future in an increasingly competitive market, where old titles are being routinely disrupted by new entrants such as Google, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Data too precious to give up without fight

With regard to your article ‘Data ownership question needs solving too’ , it is clear the EU data guardians have their crosshairs resting on an issue of increasing significance in the digital age. Few would argue there is a profound lack of clarity to data privacy and indeed data ownership. That said, the proposed changes […]

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