21 October 2009

Risk taker responsible for reshaping the COI

Mark Lund, chief executive of the COI, might only have been in his role for just over three months, but he is already planning a three-step programme to change how the governmental department in charge of communications operates.

Shifting sands leaves a gulf at the Guardian

“If you project for five years or a decade ahead, the notion of the printed newspaper or digital is not a discussion. The discussion is the practicalities of getting from A to B as fast as you can while taking the right people with you.” This was Marc Sands, now the former marketing director of The Guardian, speaking to Marketing Week four weeks ago about the future of newspapers as they continue to evolve to new platforms.

The mobile mission

However, in focusing on the need to come up with the next iPhone killer app or technological breakthrough, the article missed a key point. In the race to retain customers and drive higher average revenues, the real issue lies with the ability to offer a superior service. It is this that makes the real difference in terms of creating a truly relevant, differentiated and profitable positioning.

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