21 October 2010

The Secret Marketer on agency relationships

Lots of time with the agencies this week and a mixed bag of progress. There appears to be a very direct correlation with the quality of my brand managers and the quality of work coming out of the agencies. Some might say that it is down to the quality of the brief itself, but I […]

Is this clever crowdsourcing or just a genuine brand gaff?


Call me a cynic but I’ve been reading the GAP logo story with increasing disbelief. Did a global brand like Gap (who’s distinctive logo encapsulates so much of not only its brand value but also clothing designs) seriously approve a new logo more at home on a 1980s software packaging than a trademark sweatshirt? Should I honestly believe that after spending millions on a redesign, Gap is backing down because 2,000 people complained on Facebook?

Marketing’s HR link


Your cover story on how marketers can use their skills in other areas (“Beyond the boardroom walls”, MW 30 September) should be required reading for anyone who still thinks marketing is the fluffy posters and promotions department.

Conspiracy theorists wide of the mark


I’m still recovering from the Gap logo debacle. You will recall that the fashion retailer managed to introduce a new logo, withdraw the new logo, start a crowdsourcing campaign for a new logo, withdraw the crowdsourcing strategy and then return to its old logo in the space of a single week. It was tragic stuff, […]

Marketing can shine in age of austerity

This is the week in which all our fears and a barrage of media speculation have crystallised into a new reality. We’re no longer talking about an age of austerity, we’re in it. And we’ll be in it for at least the next Parliamentary term and probably longer. In a sense it now no longer […]

Watch and learn as the COI goes advertising cold turkey


What happens to a campaign when funding is permanently cut? The Government’s COI ad freeze will reveal all. About the same time as this edition of Marketing Week lands on your desk, the Chancellor will set out the Government’s four-year public spending plans in the comprehensive spending review (CSR). The CSR’s usual Treasury-led process to […]

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