22 November 2007

Ogilvy scoops 200m DHL account

DHL has handed its 200m global advertising account to Ogilvy Advertising after a final pitch against M&C Saatchi. The WPP agency was the incumbent in the US and Asia but has now scooped the entire global business following the review.

Can ads fight gun crime?

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has vowed to take on the UKs urban gangs and fight youth violence after a spate of high-profile gun and knife murders. But a key issue she has yet to address is the role media communications should play in the battle and whether an ad agency is needed. The Home Office says it is considering the best use of communications regarding this issue (MW last week).

Feeding consumers a strapline

It is received wisdom in the marketing and advertising world that a campaign strapline should reflect what a brand or company is about. It seems so simple – make the tagline true to the company and consumers will trust the brand and buy the product. When a strapline works, it becomes a rallying cry that […]

Andrew Harrison on the biggest issue facing marketing today

What is the single biggest issue facing the marketing industry today? Its not the growth of digital media, the importance of social networks, the attraction of user-generated content, nor the resilience of traditional broadcast although most of us would acknowledge that these are all intriguing opportunities for marketing directors.

Nielsen legal threat stalls BARB TV contract award

AGBNielsen, the WPP Group-owned research company, is understood to be threatening legal action against rival TNS for infringing a European patent for its audience measurement system. The potential legal battle comes to light as uncertainty continues to surround the appointment of TNS/Arbi-tron to the £10m UK TV audience measurment contract (MW November 15). It was […]

Analysts sink teeth into Apple over iPhone bungle

Apple has been accused of bungling the launch of the iPhone in Europe after another of its exclusive local partners was forced to make the device available on rival networks. Analysts have questioned Apple’s strategy of entering into exclusive deals with operators in individual countries, saying the company has “underestimated” the difference between the US […]

Mars to unwrap two stick Fling bar aimed at women

Mars UK is understood to be gearing up for a major assault on the chocolate market next year with the launch of a new Mars variant. It is thought that a new brand called Mars Fling is currently being tested in Australia and will be introduced early next year. The launch is a “two stick” […]

Virgin Media’s head of strategy steps down

Virgin Medias strategy chief Ernie Cormier is leaving the company as part of a wider restructure following the departure of chief executive Steve Burch. It is thought Cormier will step down as managing director of strategy in the new year.

Tanya -Major Players – Getting Ahead

What made you want to get into marketing?

Following my economics degree, I knew that I couldnt work in the city or wear a suit! I wanted to work in something creative and with inspiring, innovative people.

Profiles: search marketing agencies 2007

Online marketing accounts for almost 15% of UK advertising, with 1bn spent on the medium in the first six months of this year alone. Search takes a big chunk of spend; online advertising grew 41.3% year on year, paid-for search marketing grew 44% to 762.3m, taking 57% of online ad budgets (Internet Advertising Bureau/PricewaterhouseCoopers).

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