22 November 2012

The man with a cardboard box on his head

Mark Ritson

He’d been extra-cautious for months, regularly scanning the coastline for anything suspicious. So on that Friday evening he was quick to spot the coastguard vessel emerging through the darkness from the mainland. He could see its cargo of black-suited, armed guards onboard. He watched in silence through binoculars as those deadly troops fanned out across the white sand and disappeared into the dense tropical undergrowth. They were coming for him.

How 2013 looks for marketers

The forecast for 2013 looks challenging. The IPA Bellwether report, which surveys marketing expenditure on a quarterly basis, joins the CIM Confidence Monitor in predicting a difficult time ahead for budgets. Its most recent results, released in October 2012, predict “weakened” confidence from marketers, with the likelihood that marketing spend in 2012 will have fallen for a fifth successive year.

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Tesco, M&S, Just Eat: 5 things that mattered this week and why


M&S chief outlines digital-first strategy after profits plummet Marks & Spencer (M&S) is gearing up for a digital-first future, after its revealed on Wednesday (23 May) that profits had dropped a massive 62.1% to £66.8m compared to the previous year. A day earlier, the struggling retailer confirmed it will close more than 100 stores over […]