22 September 2005

Saatchi boss to steer Virgin Radio strategy

Virgin Radio, the Scottish Media Group-owned station, is understood to have appointed Saatchi & Saatchi marketing director Kathleen Saxton as its director of strategy. She is expected to join the station in early November in a newly created role, Her appointment signals that new chief executive Fru Hazlitt, who joined earlier this month, plans to […]

Beefburgers, cheerleaders, zulus, Jools Holland. It’s just not cricket

The marketing world’s efforts to improve cricket’s image have been laughable. As this summer has shown, all the sport needed was a winning England team Even now, days after the event, the garden bushes of Kennington are still yielding up their bleary-eyed drunks. Strangers still bump into each other and smile in a dazed kind […]

Making your brand talk

When Virgin launched its mobile service in 2000, it was expected that many other big brands would follow suit. Virtual network operators are still thin on the ground in the UK, but recent activity suggests the labelled telecoms market is about to take off, says Jonathan Harwood As Disney prepares to enter the mobile phone […]

When it comes to media, power is still in the eye of the beholder

As the price of consumers’ attention rises and the quality of content declines, media owners’ ability to sell audiences to advertisers becomes questionable That is still the real information design problem in most businesses today. But what about consumers and marketing? What about the media? Let’s put this in lurid terms to make the point. […]

Not big, but they are clever

In-store advertising seems to dominate most department stores and supermarket aisles, but smaller retailers also offer a range of opportunities for innovative PoP strategies, says Matthew Broadhead The difficulties of point-of-purchase (PoP) marketing are well known. It is never easy to make advertising stand out in visually overwhelming supermarket aisles, and enforcing compliance on wilful […]

We don’t talk anymore

I thought my luck was in when I rang my home insurance provider the other morning, and found myself listening to a live human voice after the fourth ring.

The brass-necked cheek of Charles Allen’s ITV demand

The apparent health of the TV market hides some ugly deals, which can work against the interests of advertisers. At least the contract rights renewal remedy offers some protection, says Phil Georgiadis I wondered how long it would take ITV chief executive Charles Allen to start lobbying actively for the withdrawal of the contract rights […]

Brands are talking rubbish

Companies are beginning to realise the potential in adopting environmentally responsible strategies, but sometimes talk isn’t being matched by action, particularly when it comes to their use of plastics More than 35 brands, including Procter & Gamble’s Gillette, GlaxoSmithKline’s Aquafresh and Ribena, and Red Bull, have signed up to promote recycling in London as part […]

Utility, not commodity?

In a sector where consumers pick their providers on price, brands are hard to build. But npower is doing better than most, says Nathalie Kilby Much like the England cricket team, npower is doubtless feeling energised after the Ashes victory. Record audiences of over 7 million viewers tuned in to Channel 4 to watch England […]

Change isn’t all plain sailing

Keeping abreast of social and technological trends through successful product innovation isn’t easy for iconic brands, which tend to have embedded cultural systems that defy change, as Coke is finding to its cost. But without such progress, they risk being cast adrift, says David Benady Ensuring a brand is not washed up by the changing […]

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