23 January 2014

The future of food and drink marketing


As the National Obesity Forum issues a stark warning about the poor state of the UK’s health, some food and drink brands are adapting their marketing to encourage healthier lifestyle choices while remaining appealing the consumers.

In memory of David Bolsher

David was an energetic, respected and well liked consumer marketer who had a positive impact in all the organisations at which he worked during his 24-year career that was tragically cut short. He started his career with United Biscuits (UB) in 1989 working at Ross Young’s for six years. McVitie’s followed, leading the launch of […]

Ask not what data can do for you but whether you should do it


Google purchased Nest, the smart home devices company, last week for a staggering $2.3bn (£1.4bn). It comes at a time when the concept of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) or connected devices, has finally broken through into mainstream popular consciousness. US technology show CES, which has just closed its doors, was full of such products, from babygros that monitor breathing to toothbrushes that can share data with your dentist.

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