The man on a quest to spread Merlin’s magic


Get an insider’s view of Merlin’s structure here Discover Varney’s six point growth driver plan here Varney says: “The most efficient channel for us is publicity”, read why here See APR chair and CEO of the Public Relations Society of America Rosanna Fiske’s response to this feature here Nick Varney reveals how his theme park […]

Walk the ethical walk

I agree with Secret Marketer (MW 9 June) that for many years we have lived in a ’me’ world, but we’re now in a ’we’ world and ’we’ need to do something. Over the past few years consumers have been bombarded with messages about brands’ corporate social responsibility and ’green’ credentials. In this noisy environment […]

Experiential marketing’s future lies in social media

Spreading the word: Social media

Aimee Reason is right to predict an increase in social and digital media activity in experiential marketing (Human face of brands receives an e-makeover, MW 9 June). The technology is already here – affordable and readily available. Digital technology makes it possible for people not only to interact with and experience a brand but to […]

We need a yardstick

Your article, 73% of CEOs say marketers lack credibility (, highlights the work that marketing and PR people still have to do to show stakeholders they understand the need to demonstrate quantifiable return on investment (ROI) and can deliver measurable results. In a week where 89% of this year’s attendants at the AMEC European summit […]

A blast from the past

Nostalgia seems to be very much in marketing fashion nowadays. Vintage is enjoying a revival while retro continues to be cool. Brand managers line up to dust off their archives as they seek inspiration from the past. Famous brand comebacks are assured of PR coverage and there are worse strategy choices than paying homage to […]

Spread the word on marketers’ ability


Nick Varney’s comments in the story we ran to trail this week’s cover feature caused a bit of a stir. The Merlin Entertainments CEO, formerly an FMCG marketer himself, told Marketing Week that modern young marketers lack the breadth of experience or skill-set to become chief executives. Varney’s view, which you can read in the […]

Stick to running your supermarkets Tesco


Twenty-one years ago your humble marketing columnist was a not so humble marketing student. Back then I was in love with complexity. The more difficult the marketing theory, the more important and useful I felt it had to be to marketing practice. So you can imagine my disdain when I came across The Core Competence […]

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