BBC’s Rajar triumph hit by discrepancies

Atlantic 252 has suffered in the first quarter Rajar results because of a strong performance by BBC radio, but a number of sales directors are questioning the detail of the research. Atlantic’s weekly audience reach fell by 15 per cent compared with last year, while its listening hours dropped by nine per cent. Atlantic sales […]


Recent research shows that today’s youth no longer hold the traditionally irresponsible attitudes of their predecessors

Part timers police burgeoning sector

Created in 1968, the Gaming Board is a non-departmental Government body funded by the Home Office. It has four main functions: to ensure those involved in organising gaming and lotteries are fit to do so; to keep criminals out of gaming; to ensure gaming is run fairly and in accordance with the law; and to […]

NCC hits out at school sponsors

Brand owners have been slammed for producing educational marketing materials that are biased, encourage children to eat chocolate and fast foods, and that are “plastered with company logos”. The criticism comes from the National Consumer Council, which has drawn up new guidelines for companies as well as parents, teachers and governors, for controlling educational sponsorship […]

Boddington’s Export to be axed after poor sales

Whitbread is preparing to ditch its Boddington’s Export brand, launched last summer, after major supermarkets delisted the product. Boddington’s Export is a bottled version of the draught ale and uses a floating widget. It is stronger than Boddington’s, with an alcoholic strength of 4.8 per cent. Whitbread billed it as the first launch of an […]

1985 – a year that’s bin junk

There is nothing like blowing your own trumpet, and marketers are veritable virtuosos at this particular art form. Take for example a letter received from the Direct Mail Information Service, which reads: “Remember 1985? It was the year of Live Aid, the Manchester air disaster and the year Nelson Mandela first turned down the offer […]


Pepsi is filming the world’s first commercial in space, using the Russian Mir space station. Warner Bros has snubbed its own interactive division, Warner Interactive, and awarded a multi-million pound deal to Virgin Sound & Vision for children’s software, featuring the Looney Tunes characters. Mitsubishi Corporation is launching an alcopop called Afreeka, imported from South […]

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