24 February 2011

The Secret Marketer: It pays to keep an eye on the big picture

Spare a thought for our overseas brand management cousins. Climate change, natural disasters, civil unrest and economic collapse are just a few of the issues dominating the immediate thoughts of many. These are turbulent times that will challenge even the best laid plans. Debates about whether to relaunch in period four or five or how […]

A clean break with tradition on home front


When it comes to household chores, the lines of division between men and women are now more blurred, giving FMCG brands a real opportunity to target a younger male audience. The ’modern man’ is not a myth, according to a new report seen exclusively by Marketing Week. As part of its wide-ranging Trendsetters study, research […]

Mark Ritson: Arise archbishops of Cadbury and Yorkie

One of the central tenets of marketing is always to expect competitors from unexpected places. But the likes of Cadbury, Nestle and Thorntons can rightfully rub their eyes in surprise this week because the Church of England is about to launch an Easter egg. The Church’s new brand extension will be called “The Real Easter […]

Engagement strategy just a sales tool

It is great to see car manufacturers like Honda moving beyond conventional advertising and demonstrating an interest and understanding of customer engagement (MW 10 February). However, I question Honda’s claim that its latest marketing initiatives are “consumer focused, not budget-led”. Using social media encourages open communication and conversation. The decision to buy a car is […]

Use NPS to change face of business

When measuring customer advocacy, net promoter score techniques (MW last week) are both a great place to start and the worst place to stop. However, a non-diagnostic NPS programme is merely an exercise in data collection, a slave to the balanced scorecard. Too many companies use NPS as a short-term research tool rather than a […]

…And Facebook venture is a natural extension of mobile

The launch of Facebook Deals represents the natural evolution of mobile marketing. By giving consumers deals, discounts and offers based on their proximity to retail outlets, Facebook can tie together both commercial opportunities and consumer benefits. The space is at last being used to its full potential and what could transpire is the ultimate realisation […]

Privacy not at issue…

Our privacy controls give users the power to decide what and how much they share and under no circumstances will they be forced to sacrifice this to use a new product. If a user only wants to share their deals with a few close friends, then they can adjust their privacy settings to allow this […]

Why revolutionaries are the mother of evolution


Brands can learn a lesson from the ’punctuated equilibrium’ academic theory that argues revolution is necessary. The phrase planners probably hear most often is: “We’re looking for evolution, not revolution.” But the more I understand about the way the world works, the more I realise that you can’t have evolution without the occasional revolution. The […]

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