24 March 2011

The Secret Marketer joins the roadshow

I’ve not done a great deal of marketing this week because I have been locked in meetings of another sort. As part of the post credit crunch debt detox, group HQ is looking to divest a few non-core assets and I am involved in a series of presentations to try attract the highest bidder. It […]

Take CSR to your hearts

Puma CEO Jochen Zeitz is absolutely right when he says CSR is just the start for brands to play a part in the environment (MarketingWeek.co.uk/Puma-CSR). So few corporations really give a genuine hoot about how they act, how their suppliers operate and how that impacts society. Real sustainability needs to go way beyond CSR and […]

The digital reorganisation must go beyond marketing

Your research on how digital is affecting marketing departments’ reorganisation plans (MW 10 March) wasn’t that surprising – except perhaps that it wasn’t 100% of CMOs planning to reorganise their teams. The digital environment demands flexibility, adaptability and evolution and a lot of marketing teams aren’t there yet, so reorganisations will become increasingly commonplace. People […]

Your web comments

Ruth Mortimer’s column on the acceleration of ’Facebook commerce’ generated a wide-ranging debate. Read the column online at mwlinks.co.uk/ RuthFCommerce and see comment extracts below. Facebook commerce is merely a new sales channel. The question it does pose well, however is what will be the sales channels of the future – ie, as we see […]

Information age demands we change

I’d like to add something to Mark Ritson’s observations on marketing reinventors (MarketingWeek.co.uk/Ritson-reinventors). Obviously we have all learned the basic from the founding father of marketing Kotler, but the world is changing and transforming from industrial age to informational age, so we need more creative marketers. As Ted Levitt said “Creativity is thinking up new […]

Opt-out conundrum

I agree with Russell Parson’s sentiments that direct marketers have been dealing with the dreaded ’opt-out clause’ for much longer than their digital counterparts and that, as a result, far from leading to a mass opt-out panic, it has led to a vast improvement on both targeting and ROI (’Direct marketing’s experience on opt-out can […]

Has the BBC handed Patten a poisoned chalice?


Chris Patten will need to call on his experiences in Hong Kong if he is to make his mark as the new BBC Trust chairman. The likely new BBC Trust chairman Chris Patten gave evidence to the House of Commons media select committee last week as part of the scrutiny for his appointment. In response […]

Exclusivity remains last word in luxury

When Marketing Week columnist Mark Ritson took to the stage at one of our conferences last September to present “seven big lessons on brand management” to an audience of brand managers, he told them that targeting means two things. Identifying the segmented audience your brand wants to reach and clearly identifying all the other audiences […]

Modern branding receives boost from EU


Sensational branding news was announced last week. Cumberland sausages have been granted protected geographical indication (PGI) by the European Union. The greatest of all the British sausages now joins the likes of Champagne, Parma ham and Stilton cheese as a truly distinctive and protected brand of food. Specifically, all Cumberland sausages must now be produced […]

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