Mark Ritson: Facebook’s $104bn bubble is set to burst


Facebook’s debut on the Nasdaq on Friday meant that the largely positive and optimistic vision held by marketers has been supplemented with an entirely different, and I would argue more critical, perspective from the international investment community. The $104bn question is whether the brand is worth anywhere near that. In terms of the oldest media […]

The Secret Marketer on being completely mobile

Secret Marketer

In the week that Facebook floated on the Nasdaq exchange for an incredible $104bn, I had a very interesting conversation with our head of business assurance. I find the Facebook valuation quite incredible. The world of technology and consumer interest is moving so quickly – Friends Reunited anyone? – that I have to ask whether […]

Web comment

Columnist Mark Ritson sparked a fierce debate with his last column questioning the value of SWOT analysis and other time-honoured techniques taught to marketers, such as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Read the column at and see comment extracts below. Swot up on SWOT benefits SWOT and Maslow are your ‘workings out’ like in a […]

Measure Facebook success by depth of engagement

When it comes to measuring the success of social media activity, the key for any brand is to know and understand who their ‘likes’ are from because everything else is just extrapolation. Social login – the ability for consumers to use their social media profile to register on a brand’s website – is now providing […]

Coaching develops careers

It was good to read that the talent conversation is taking more of a pivotal stage in the trade press and I wholeheartedly agree with Ruth Mortimer’s comment that it’s “not good enough for just a third of businesses to care about staff defection” ( The scheme run by The Marketing Academy is a great […]

Famous faces must fit brand campaign

The fact that Anna-Louise Dearden regards the use of a celebrity as a “necessary evil” (MW Debate, last week) suggests parts of the industry are still embarrassed by use of celebrities in advertising. So they should be if the brand fit isn’t right or celebrities are being used for the sake of it. However, the […]

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