24 November 2011

Sticky content quest requires fresh mindset

Now social media has given pretty much all advertising the potential to go viral (Michael Nutley, MW 10 November), agencies need to adopt a new mindset in their quest to create sticky content. Things only go viral because people want to share them. Try as companies might, viral is notoriously difficult to buy or to […]

Conversion is not only social media metric

I wonder whether the launch of Adobe’s SocialAnalytics tool (MW last week) is the right way to go about achieving credible social media metrics. To boil down success in social media solely to conversion and assign a monetary value to ’Likes’ seems to be missing a trick. With the growth of social commerce, social ROI […]

Winning campaigns are fun, attractive and… available

Winning awards entries teach us that good advertising not only makes brands more desirable, but also more available. The best awards ceremonies do more than give gongs to insecure and needy creative types. They draw together a database of best practice that practitioners – especially planners – can learn from. This sprung to mind when […]

Brands must shout about their service

As the research shows in her article, consumers are no longer enamoured with the advertising they see, and feel that “just one in five brands has a notable positive impact on their quality of life”. This is why the key point to Ruth’s article is so prevalent – brands must communicate their service. Many brands […]

Adopt a joined-up approach to the customer experience

Customer experience may impact on a brand’s loyalty and bottom line (MW 3 November), but too many companies fail to recognise that the way we shop has changed and do not offer a joined-up customer experience. Just over a quarter of UK adults and almost half of teenagers own a smartphone, and 70% of these […]

Luxury sector uses affiliate marketing

It is interesting to note that brand equity still commands consumer attention, with savvy shoppers no longer seeing the lowest price tag as a definition of value for money (MW 3 November). This trend is echoed across the LinkShare network, which has seen a growing number of luxury brands running successful affiliate marketing programmes. These […]

You need to mind your language, TalkTalk


“We’re not planning on trying to con them with lots of extra marketing.” This rather unhelpful quote came from a surprising source last week in Dido Harding, chief executive of TalkTalk, who was referring to her customers. I say surprising because Harding is a former occupant of several heavyweight marketing and commercial roles at brands […]

Hard evidence of social media’s failings

social media

You probably missed the ’Digital Life’ report from TNS that came out last week. Despite a major PR push from its authors, it barely made a dent in the Twittersphere or across traditional marketing and media channels. Which is odd when you consider that even the slightest news about social media usually garners a huge […]

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