24 September 2009

Presentation is the lifeblood of CSR

Corporate social responsibility is arguably the most important thing on any brand marketer’s mind. It’s important because studies increasingly show that consumers will spend their money on brands that reflect their values and concerns.

In-house CRM may not be as good as it looks

Your cover story (last week) concludes that many brands decide to keep CRM programmes in-house. But in doing so they could be missing out on the potential rewards of wider industry expertise offered by specialist data suppliers.

Embrace brands on TV

Your analysis Product Placement on TV (MW last week) appears to be a lamentable reflection of our peculiarly British “can’t do” attitude.

Cash4Gold is right to go direct, but integrated is always best

Your article on Cash4Gold again sparked the debate about whether direct mail can be used exclusively as a marketing tool (MW last week). Although most brands realise the benefits and increased revenue that come from implementing an integrated campaign, it remains true that some brands with a strong offering and niche market can make huge cut-through with direct mail alone.

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