25 April 2013

Privacy: For whose eyes only?


With new UK and EU regulations on the way and services that throw wide brands’ customer information collecting and sharing practices, transparent data strategies are becoming a major differentiator in the pursuit of consumers

Annual appraisals with a marketing twist

Secret Marketer

As I’ve mentioned previously, this is the time of year for annual appraisals at my company – the time when you make feverish attempts to ingratiate oneself with one’s manager or, in some cases, remind them one still exists.

Join the modern marketers’ manifesto debate

Branwell Johnson

Marketing Week has always championed best practice for its readers in the form of interviews with senior directors at the top of their game, knowledge gleaned from the most relevant and insightful case studies we can unearth and brilliant columnists willing to stress test received wisdoms.

China’s influence is finally upon us

Mark Ritson

This week’s column comes from a hotel room in Beverly Hills where your humble columnist is nursing the mother of all hangovers. I went on a bender last night and the consequences are still painful. I blame myself, of course, but not half as much as I blame China. The Middle Kingdom is responsible for a lot of things these days, including my bed-ridden state. Let me explain.

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