25 August 2011

Free content drives digital penetration


Viewers may be replacing traditional TV channels and DVDs with on-demand content, but research seen exclusively by Marketing Week reveals the tipping point will not come until marketers pitch digital viewing as a value-for-money experience. While downloading films and TV shows is something done by more than half the UK population, research exclusive to Marketing […]

The Secret Marketer’s farewell to the summer


The summer holidays are drawing to a sad close. Soon it will take me twice as long to get to work in the morning as the school run 4x4s return to action. The evening drive home will soon be dark and miserable as the glorious sound of England’s victorious Indian cricketing summer on Radio 5 […]

Get more miles per marketing gallon


Field marketers are manoeuvring social media tactics into their experiential campaigns to drive their power and achieve greater endurance. Social media is giving field marketing a new lease of life by enabling brands to extend the shelf life of campaigns after face-to-face engagement. Coca-Cola used the technique this summer in Israel at its Summer Love […]

Heinz meanz business


Not content to rest on the iconic brand’s laurels during these tough economic times, Heinz UK’s chief commercial officer Matt Hill has a clear strategy for growing the business. Michael Barnett reports. Marketing Week (MW): Tell us about the current UK market for Heinz. Matt Hill (MH): It is tough out there. People’s real earnings […]

Know when to shut the door on a customer


Directors of sales and marketing. There are thousands of you out there with that title. And not one of you has the faintest clue what marketing actually means. Because if you did, you would realise that your title makes no sense. The concept of managing both “sales and marketing” in one position is certainly stupid […]

Web comment – what you said

Lara O’Reilly started a vigorous debate when she questioned the value of the use of augmented reality in some marketing campaigns. Read the blog at MWlinks.co.uk/AugmentedLara and comment extracts below. Ticking the right boxesWhen new and shiny tech matures for mainstream use – often after many years of development by passionate geeks – we immediately […]

Keeping beauty ads natural

We hope the launch of the Boots No7 Ta-Dah campaign (MarketingWeek.co.uk 5 August) will encourage more beauty and fashion companies to run campaigns with the same commitment against airbrushed images of women. Less digitally-enhanced images will reduce the pressure to look a certain way or aspire to a physical appearance that is impossible to achieve. […]

Take personal approach to print and online integration

While I agree that integrating print and digital media is key to DM success (MW 11 August), so too is the way that you approach that integration. You can take a print catalogue and place it on the web, but who’s going to be wowed by a PDF? To get the best results from digital […]

How to build loyalty

Foursquare: Loyal following

Finding new, innovative ways to gain customer loyalty has never been more urgent for retailers as they suffer huge falls in profit. However, “the evolution of loyalty” (Data Strategy, MW last week) misses a trick when referring to the old and tired strategy of instore spending and points reward. This is no longer enough as […]

Roll up for brand bundling


Big business buys into brand bundling: a new strategy of collectively marketing products in the same category is allowing brands to both make their advertising budgets stretch further and leverage their competitive egde.

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