25 February 2010

Ruth Mortimer on the Vancouver Games

As the Olympics draw to a close, marketers are checking the results tables wondering how to cash in on the popularity of certain sports and athletes. So which athletes will be feted with sponsorship deals? I have already mentioned the photogenic American skier Lyndsey Vonn and the 19-year-old South Korean figure skater Kim Yu-Na, but others tipped for the top by both marketing and sports experts include:

We don’t take the credit for Change4Life

Your leader (MW February 18) about how Conservative leaders say they will slash the Government’s advertising budget, inaccurately attributes the healthy living campaign, Change4Life, to the Central Office of Information (COI), when it is a Department of Health initiative in support of the broader policy agenda on obesity.

Far too many unhappy landings

“Email is cheap” is a concept that should carry the proviso “but good email is not”. The work involved in creating multiple messages, testing effectiveness, planning and executing landing path strategies is often grossly underestimated, leading tofuzzy targeting and poor results.

Charities should monitor the effect of campaign elements

It’s interesting to hear that more charities are coming round to the realisation that they must demonstrate a return on investment (MW 11 February), but the charity sector needs to target the types of activity they use more tightly to maximise donations.

Design needs a story


While good design can offer greater impact in marketing (MW 11 February), I do not believe that it alone that will make a piece of communications successful. Content should never be forgotten.

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