A good marketer has to be a great planner

Secret Marketer

I was intrigued to read that one of our high street banks will be selling its customer data to other businesses. Closer inspection of the story revealed this to be a typical sensationalist headline and the reality is that it will simply be using its vast knowledge of a significant proportion of the population to amalgamate data to help others better target their products.

Launching in Russia


Russia’s middle class is undergoing phenomenal growth and is predicted to represent 86 per cent of the population by 2020 with a spending power of $1.3trn. Savvy brands are entering the market now to target this next big opportunity.

Case study: Iglo

Frozen foods giant Iglo has made a concerted push into Russia in the past few years and seems to be reaping the benefits. In its annual report last year the company reported sales growth of 69 per cent in Russia thanks to “distribution gains and continued media support levels”.

Walk as well as talk the brand talk

Successful customer engagement is about being human – not just sounding human. The best brands win the affection and trust of consumers by acting differently. For a long time, brands were little more than faceless, multinational corporations with limited touchpoints for engagement and selective hearing – but then a few trailblazers began acting differently. As […]

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