Britain’s line-up of flagship brands

Union Jack

A new list of the most valued British brands is a showcase of the best home-grown talent – and a beacon of hope for marketers. For despite the financial crisis that sparked this recession, a bank is top of the league.

The Secret Marketer

Thanks to modern technology I’m able to get a little more work done at home these days. There’s no doubting that the avoidance of the M25 rush hour is a joy, though, to be honest, I’m finding the rest of the experience surprisingly stressful.

Web comment

What’s in a name? Associate editor (features) Ruth Mortimer wrote a column last week on Pizza Hut’s recent rebranding exercises. You said: I do care about the name of the brand and don’t want it to be called “Pasta Hut” or “The Hut”. That was one of the silliest campaigns I’ve ever heard of from […]

Online impersonators could seriously hurt your business

It is a sad fact that social networking seems to have spawned its own version of identity theft – people pretending to be celebrities. Businesses with social networks which take a lax attitude towards impersonation could find that more serious complaints follow, such as defamation or invasion of privacy, if the impersonator begins making slanderous […]

Help us help you get your emails across

Symantec recently published a report highlighting the fact that 90% of emails are spam. No surprises there, but it does highlight the pressure marketers are under to distinguish their opt-in customer communications from the mass of unrequested and unsolicited emails. Anti-spam tools can be an unintentional barrier to marketers aiming to deliver genuine opt-in email […]

Simon says… how to best use affiliates

After reading about the launch of (MW 18 June), I was impressed with how Simon Nixon has used the basic affiliate marketing concept in an inventive way to benefit every party – the consumer, merchant and himself (the affiliate). The cost per acquisition (CPA) reward scheme already presents an attractive proposition for retailers, and […]

Marketers downgrade TV packages to save costs

Half of marketers have amended their satellite television subscription packages this year. Fifty per cent of marketers responding to a Marketing Week online poll say they have dropped elements of their satellite subscription package from any supplier this year with the other 50% saying they have made no change. With the economic downturn showing little […]

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