25 March 2010

Consistency is still crucial

Your article on keeping the message consistent (MW 11 March) raised some pertinent points. The overwhelming feeling at last month’s Marketing Week Brand Summit conference was that organisations are still not placing enough importance on understanding how the modern consumer now lives their day-to-day life. Yahoo! pointed out that 12% of 16- to 34-year-olds now use their mobile phones as their main media channel (ahead of TV and the internet) and that this figure will only grow.

Face-off looms for charity ads


You can picture the scene now in boardrooms up and down the country. Marketers from non-governmental organisations wrestling with the newly approved Committee of Advertising Practice guidance liberating the opportunity to strike out and fight for donor pounds without any degree of apology when citing why their cause is more worthy than that of their competitor.

After several minutes of the computer saying no, I eventually teased out a possible solution

My PA took a well earned holiday last week leaving the marketing team and I in the hands of a temp. I usually find that temps can be a frustrating experience. This is not typically their fault, but more the fact that today’s admin support is as much about knowing one’s way round the internal bureaucracy and systems as it is about covering the phones and typing.

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