25 November 2010

Fault lines in coalition’s policy puts media on shaky ground


The coalition government must be doing something right. After all, if every corner of the media industry is railing against some aspect of government policy, then it is probably treading the fine line between various vested interests rather well. But there’s no doubt this government is unsettling the media sector – and while some of […]

The Secret Marketer on the pros and cons of LinkedIn


I read some impressive stats this week about the rise and rise of social networking site LinkedIn. As with Facebook, the user base is no doubt split between dabblers and committed addicts. I fall somewhere between the two. I find LinkedIn is an excellent tool for tracking down old colleagues and a convenient way of […]

Data marketplace will allow a shift in power


Justin Basini’s new business, Allow, might be a significant player in determining the shape of marketing. Basini was a recent Financial Services Forum marketer of the year when European vice-president of brand marketing for Capital One, and has previously had stints with Deutsche Bank and Procter & Gamble. But now he has teamed up with […]

Aston Martin’s ugly duckling facing emissions impossible

Mark Ritson has rather missed the point with his article contrasting the Ferrari and Aston Martin brands (MW last week). Ferrari, as he points out, is part of a larger automotive group and is therefore safe producing high emissions as they can be offset against vehicles produced elsewhere by the Fiat group. Aston Martin is […]

Meeting data expectations has its rewards

It was refreshing to see an article that focused on the good that comes of getting data security right, rather than the perils of getting it wrong (MW last week). For too long we’ve been focusing on the risks of being reprimanded by the Information Commissioner’s office for falling foul of data regulations, instead of […]

Web comment

John Lewis’s festive TV ad has caused heated debate due to it depicting a dog left out in the kennel on a snowy day. The retailer says the ad may run in selected spots until 18 December. See the ad at mwlinks.co.uk/ johnlewisdog and read some of the online comments below. John Lewis in doghouseYou […]

Your web comments

Mark Ritson’s last column took issue with Aston Martin’s strategy in launching the AM Cygnet and praised Ferrari’s approach to brand extensions. The column fired up a vigorous debate. Read the original story at www.mwlinks.co.uk/MarkRitsonCygnet as well as readers’ comments and Mark’s response to those who disagreed with him Aston Martin had to do this […]

Place trust in security policy

The primary reason for this is that people are comfortable sharing information under the illusion only their peers will benefit. However, when it comes to large institutions, particularly ones that handle more sensitive information, people become far more wary. Of course brands can offer incentives as a means to collect consumer data, but surely the […]

Dixons upgrades service levels with a little Knowhow


As electronics retailers turn their focus away from products to customer service, Dixons unveils the latest stage in its revamp as the specialist with the knowledge. The battle for technology goods sales will be played out in customer service if Dixons Retail and other specialist electricals retailers have their way. The specialists are keen to […]

Chevrolet timeline


1911: Chevrolet Motor Car Company was founded in the US by Louis Chevrolet and William Durant. 1918: Chevrolet is acquired by General Motors. 2005: GM relaunches the brand in Europe. All mainstream Daewoo cars are rebranded as Chevrolet. 2009: GM files for bankruptcy. The company is rescued by a $50bn US Government aid package. 2010: GM […]

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