25 October 2001

Golf links up with business interests

The number of golf courses has rocketed in recent years, and Centrica’s launch of Golf England is a vote of confidence in the sport. But there’s plenty to do to make the grass greener on the fairway

Remington promotes top UK marketer

Electrical appliance company Remington has promoted UK marketing director Peta Thorniley to the new position of European marketing director. The promotion follows a global shake-up at the company this summer which resulted in the departure of executive vice-president, international, Wilan van den Berg. Thorniley’s responsibilities will encompass UK marketing. Remington’s international operations were previously based […]

Microsoft’s hopes for a record edition

The Diary has learned that Microsoft megalomaniac Bill Gates, not content with controlling the world Blofeld-style, now wants to get into the record books. To promote the launch of Windows XP tomorrow (October 25), Microsoft is trying to break the record for the fastest-produced music video, using the product’s editing equipment. The attempt will be […]

New Reebok range aims to counter Nikegoddess chain

Sportswear company Reebok plans to launch a product range aimed exclusively at women to compete with Nike’s women-only chain Nikegoddess. Reebok has already announced the US launch of footwear and clothing – and new advertising – aimed at women. The company has also launched a website for women that features the new ranges, as well […]


McVitie’s has redesigned the packaging of its Go Ahead! brand. The new packaging is targeted at 17to 34-year-old women.

An uncertain future for ITV

Events, Karl Marx once remarked, have a habit of repeating themselves: the first time they appear as tragedy, the second time as farce. How applicable to ITV, whose current situation has uncomfortable parallels with events ten years ago. Then, too, economic downturn and the distant reverberation of warfare beset us. Then, too, ITV was struggling […]

Ogilvy & Mather creates global campaign

Ogilvy & Mather has created an advertising campaign to promote BP’s cleaner fuels. The global campaign breaks this week and coincides with BP’s re-signing initiative, replacing its old ‘shield’ mark with the new Helios ‘sunflower’ logo.

Brochure makes Diary somersault

Spare a thought for the Diary’s editorial assistant, who had the bejeesus scared out of her this week by direct marketing agency Somersault. The hapless company sent a brochure with a spring-loaded butterfly inside, which flew out when the brochure was opened. Bearing in mind that for the past few weeks the threat of anthrax […]


Deutsche Bank’s corporate global marketing director Guy Knight has been made redundant. He joined Deutsche Bank from broker Charles Schwab last September.


Pan Macmillan, the publisher, is to launch a £200,000 radio campaign for Minette Walters’ latest book, Acid Row. Media is through Total Media.


Air Miles has launched its first ‘two-for-one’ flight offer, giving customers buying a European flight using Air Miles (or part miles and part cash) another ticket to the same destination free of charge.

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