25 October 2012

The Youth 100 list

Brand % Like % Love Total % of love & like YouTube 40 55 95 Wikipedia 37 56 93 Cadbury’s 37 55 92 Google 39 52 91 BBC 54 35 89 Skype 51 37 88 Doritos 43 44 87 Boots 62 25 87 Amazon 42 44 86 Cancer Research 43 42 85 H&M 49 35 […]

Marketing is no longer a Mad Men’s world

The days of spending advertising budgets without understanding an exact return on investment are coming to an end. With the advancement of personalisation technologies and the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, internet advertising will continue to rise while the old school ‘Mad Men’ approach struggles to keep up.

A day with Libby Chambers: My last 24 hours

It is a 9-9:30am start, but when I have calls to Asia I tend to start early, to respect their schedule. The first 90 minutes of today were spent on the phone with the team in Hong Kong. I spend most of my time on people stuff. The most important thing I can do at […]

The toughest brief

Libby Chambers

Law firm Freshfields’ first chief marketing officer Libby Chambers is looking to drive the brand sky-high. The former Barclays senior marketer talks to Michael Barnett about her grand plans.

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