26 August 2010

Mark Ritson: Dial ‘m’ for murder of the mobile brands


Study a good bit of market research and it provides a veritable MBA in brand strategy. Last week, for example, uSwitch published the results from its May survey of 6,721 mobile phone users in the UK. The data presents some fascinating insights into the nature of brand extension and the dangers of supplying private label.

Results-based fees could raise revenue

I’m pleased you’ve raised the thorny issue of changes in agency remuneration (MW 5 August). Strategy in a full-service agency is the gunpowder in our munitions. Any agency with genuine confidence in its ability to plan and execute a campaign across multiple channels should welcome a move to results-based fees because it can be a route to increasing revenue.

Mobile can reap rewards for travel firms

The shift towards online booking and online check-in has enabled the airline and hotel sectors to drive down costs. However, travel companies must now look beyond the internet to achieve further benefits in streamlined operations and improved customer service.

Trust and relationships at heart of advert re-invention

Andrew Harrison is right when he says that TV’s core product needs re-inventing (MW 12 August). Traditional advertising, particularly in its most grotesque form – the 30-second ad – tries to convert a customer at every touchpoint, taking them from brand awareness to customer in one fell swoop.

The customer is key


Focus must remain on forming relationships that place the brand and customer on an equal level, ensuring communication is welcomed. Only then will the information exchange be reciprocal. It is naive to presume that by relying solely on static data we can gain an accurate representation of customer needs and their lifestyle. Behavioural habits change and we need to predict this not just in real time but at the right time.

Engagement not eyeballs will be the name of the online ad game

Advertiser demand for data and better targeting means the CPE model could be here to stay despite online publishers’ initial concerns. News last week that Diageo was launching its latest three-month campaign for premix drinks with the Mail Online on a cost-per-engagement (CPE) basis has sparked off the controversy around the payment model once again. […]

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