26 January 1995


DIY retailing is a risky business – misjudge the market, as many have done, and there’s a heavy price to pay. So is Sainsbury’s biting off more than it can chew with plans to buy a shaky-looking Texas?

C4 – a victim of its own success

The Government has chosen not to act on C4’s controversial funding formula. Channel 4 chief executive Michael Grade must have realised that the chances of swift Government action on the channel’s controversial funding formula were faint after

Living off the fat of adland

Grey is angrily denying rumours surrounding its new Slim-Fast campaign. The agency is under attack from TV viewers and the ITC, who accuse it of artificially blowing up the “before” photograph held up by Cheryl Baker, who is endorsing the product. Baker, Grey and Slim-Fast are standing by the ads’ claim that she lost “18lb […]

Nirex hires Laing Henry for `environmental’ drive

Nirex, the agency responsible for the disposal of radioactive waste, is launching a national press campaign and has hired Laing Henry to handle the account. The ad campaign is a response to increased opposition to Nirex from environmental groups, including Greenpeace, which has criticised plans to build a nuclear waste dump at Sellafield. Nirex, funded […]

Turning the cables

Targeting of potential cable television customers used to focus on blanket door-drops. Now cable companies have adjusted their vision of the future and are making use of geodemographic classification systems to find areas that will give the be

Buy, buy, bit of American pie

Mergers and acquisitions activity may be making a return, but it is to the domestic US market that most companies are turning their attention. By George Pitcher Oh, deep joy. Mergers and acquisitions activity is returning to the market – and we didn’t even have to wait for the spring. Bliss it is in this […]

Irate Don hits Shell investors

Shell UK dealers and institutional shareholders have received letters from sales promotion company Don Marketing accusing Shell of a cover-up involving a “flawed” promotion. Don and Shell are involved in a long-running legal dispute, due to come to court in February. Don has issued three high court writs and county court proceedings against Shell, alleging […]

Novell plans ú17m drive to revamp image

Software company Novell is to follow the route of Microsoft and attempt to become a household name. Novell, worth $2bn (ú1.3bn), is the second largest software firm in the world. But, unlike competitor Microsoft, it is not well-known outside the IT world. Although Novell merged with WordPerfect last June – adding education, games and business […]

Y&R man poised for AT&T top Euro post

AT&T, the US telecommunications giant which is poised to enter the UK market, is about to appoint Young & Rubicam board director David Gray as international advertising director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Gray headed the Y&R team that pitched unsuccessfully to retain AT&T’s $50m (ú33m) corporate and consumer advertising account across Europe, […]

Own-label bites into Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola will reveal fourth-quarter results later this week showing an estimated operating profit of more than $800m (ú530m), bringing its annual income to $3.6bn (ú2.4m). According to Wall Street analysts, the company will also announce that consumption outside of the US has grown by more than 750 million units. But behind the buoyant projections from […]

Outdoor goes from strength to strength

Outdoor advertising is enjoying a strong first quarter and, if demand continues, is on course to increase by 13 per cent in 1995, according to Concord’s first Outdoor Rates Monitor of the year. Panel prices are up an average of 16.8 per cent year-on-year for January to March, Concord estimates. This compares favourably with actual […]

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