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How brands can build love and loyalty

Customer loyalty

It has never been so difficult for brands to retain loyalty from business customers and consumers alike. Service, ease of doing business and the number of touchpoints involved can all combine to encourage people to stick with, or switch from, a brand creating several challenges for senior marketers.

Wise up to the millennial way for a next-gen business

Ruth Mortimer

Yesterday, I woke up. Checked email. Fed kids. Walked to the train, checking email. Got off train. Checked email. Arrived at office. Worked all day, grabbing lunch while checking emails. Headed home. Fed kids. Checked emails. Went to bed. Checked emails.

This 50-something is digging her heels in

Did Marketing Week intentionally use Hotter as an example of bad practice or was it simply a wonderful example of irony? Making a sweeping statement such as: “ When we reach 50… comfort starts to override the more glamorous aspects of footwear” is exactly the kind of stereotyping that us 50+ consumers find so annoying.  […]

The winning straplines that stand the test of time

AVIS we try harder

Car rental brand Avis is resurrecting its famous 1960s ‘We try harder’ strapline for its first above-the-line campaign for almost 50 years. So what is it that makes a brand proposition stand the test of time and what do brands need to do to reinvent an existing slogan for the modern age?

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