Culture club courting mass-market brands


Brands without a previous association with the arts have an opportunity to extend their sponsorship activity as Britain’s cultural community seeks a solution to lower levels of funding. ith the arts facing government funding cuts of up to £100m over the next four years, cultural organisations are turning to the private sector to plug the […]

Secret Marketer on people moves

The people issues are piling up at my place. This week I have had two surprises to deal with. The first was a lovely one and the second not so welcome. I could sense there was something in the air as I arrived back at the office after a few days out, and my suspicions […]

You can’t trust integrity and innovation


If the first sign of a totally bloody useless brand manager is a series of over-complex triangles, keyholes or concentric circles, the second confirmation can be found in the words being used to fill out the aforementioned chart. One of the greatest scandals in branding is the amazing homogeneity that most brand managers apply to […]

Are your shoes too big to fill?


Your boardroom may be doing a great job right now, but what happens when staff leave? MaryLou Costa asks an expert panel for their views on succession management and training. Marketing Week (MW): Should marketers focus on training to become better marketers, or seek development to prepare them for more senior roles? Michelle Keaney (MK): […]

The best medicine for a sick baby and child chain is retail therapy

A failure to follow the basic rules of brand marketing best spells out what’s going wrong at troubled Mothercare. Never extend a flawed brand is one of the basic rules of marketing. But baby-and-child retailer Mothercare obviously hasn’t been reading its textbooks. It announced last week that it is planning to shut a third of […]

If only Coke could bottle its optimism

When I journeyed to Coca-Cola HQ in Atlanta, Georgia, to meet the people charged with growing the world’s most famous brand (see cover story), I expected three days of self-congratulating fanfare, celebrations and bunting. It was, after all, the eve of Coca-Cola’s 125th birthday. I also expected to have to negotiate my way through a […]

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