26 September 2013

The payback method


Faced with growing consumer unease at sharing information, some brands are using incentive-led feedback schemes to encourage participation. Is it a reliable method of getting customers to open up?

Blending into the crowd


Never say being average means being irrelevant: new research finds it could be the key to long-term brand success because consumers prefer ‘normality’ – and there are major brands proving that the theory matches the reality.

A scoopful of culture helps the brand message go down

marc mathieu

As marketers, we spend a lot of time trying to understand our customers. We look for the right insight to understand them, we write strategies to engage with them, we shape the way we position our brands to them, and so on. We try to know as much as there is to know about their culture, but how much do we care about our culture and the culture of our brands?

The day my belief in Apple soured

I woke last Wednesday with a particularly strong case of morning glory. I was teaching an all-day MBA class, which meant my alarm sounded at six. But as I rolled over to turn off my beeping iPhone, I suddenly remembered it was that it was the 19th. It was iOS7 day!

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