27 August 2009

Brands have big screen ambitions

Psst! Wanna be in the movies? A growing number of consumer businesses are getting involved in a new wave of documentary-style films to communicate their values and engage customers.

Social change adds colour to grey market

Reaching 50 no longer means slipping on furry slippers and curling up on the sofa with a cup of cocoa. Now financial marketers must get to grips with this age group’s many and varied sub-sectors if they are to gain from its growth.

Strong content needs a flexible best friend

“Why are you so crazy about this Twittering thing? I don’t get it,” claims Simon Clift, global chief marketer for Unilever, in the extended online version of his regular column (page 11) on Marketingweek.co.uk. While I suspect he knows more than he is letting on, he poses this question to set up a debate about the value of the microblogging service to marketers.

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