EMAP Metro plans men’s glossy launch Total Sport

EMAP Metro has confirmed its entry into the sports magazine market with the launch of Total Sport in November, as predicted in Marketing Week (March 31). The glossy men’s magazine will be edited by former Q editor Danny Kelly and will cover the main UK spectator sports. It will start as a bi-monthly, becoming a […]

VideoNet in new video on demand trial

VideoNet, a new company set up to offer video on demand (VOD) services, this week confirmed that it plans to launch the UK’s second video on demand trial in the new year. Unlike BT’s interactive multimedia trials, which include VOD and which are due to launch in East Anglia next week, VideoNet plans to offer […]


If there is one area of computing that has been hyped more than any other over the past six months it is the Internet, or the World Wide Web. All forms of media have begun to discuss the growth and applications of the Internet, and so-called experts keep popping up and evangelising about its benefits […]

Way UB’s cookie crumbled

I remember that we impertinent hacks of the industrial circuit of the late Eighties used to refer to the chairman of United Biscuits (UB), affectionately if not imaginatively, as Sir Hector MacBiscuit. I relay this insight into the sophisticated wit of that period only to illustrate the cosiness with which we approached this important area […]

Benetton pursues strategy with more ‘shock’ ads

Benetton is continuing its controversial marketing strategy with more “shock” advertisements, including one showing 1936 German Olympic competitors giving a Nazi salute alongside black-power supporters at the 1968 Olympics. The campaign has 20 executions and includes ads showing Christ’s crucifixion and a crying Madonna. It has already broken in the US, and various executions will […]

Agencies chase 17m Royal Mail

The Royal Mail is believed to be putting its 17m media buying account up for a statutory review when the Media Centre’s three-year contract runs out at the end of October. Agencies keen to pitch for the business alongside the Media Centre include the media departments of the full-service agencies which pitched unsuccessfully for the […]

Asda leaves Fleming speechless

The Diary can reveal that it was not just Michael Fleming who was caught out by the turn of events last week which saw his rather sudden departure from Asda. Fleming was lined up to speak at the Marketing Society’s retail conference in September but the society received an apologetic call from the supermarket chain […]

Build a safety net before jumping

Many people connected to the Internet do not consider the safety of their data and this fact has been played on successfully by the media in recent months. Headlines such as “Computer experts see hackers gaining an upper hand in fight over security” in a recent edition of the Wall Street Journal, have led many […]

Illegal flyposters embarrass Coke

Coca-Cola’s wholesome advertising image has been tarnished by its involvement in the shadowy world of flyposting. Embarrassed Coca-Cola officials have ordered a series of illegal flyposters to be torn down within the London area. They advertise Coca-Cola’s Fruitopia brand, which is sold as a pure, “new age” drink. The flyposters are identical to the psychedelic […]

Norwood named as Cosmo editor

The National Magazine Company has ignored the fears of a number of advertisers and its American owners by appointing Mandi Norwood as editor of Cosmopolitan. Norwood’s appointment is known to have caused concern among a number of fashion houses because they are worried by the sexually explicit nat ure of her present magazine, Company. NatMags […]

Agencies forced to break taboos

In the second of a series of articles examining the effects of the harsh conditions of the Nineties for agencies and clients alike, Sharon Marshall asks whether agencies are being pushed too far. Saatchi & Saatchi’s proposed use of a porn actress in a pastiche of a pornographic film for a future Castlemaine XXXX ad […]

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