Grabbing a slice of the download cake

Podcasting and blogging have proved to be explosive phenomena. Last year “podcast” was declared word of the year by the New Oxford American Dictionary – having only been coined in 2004. And consumer interest is huge – just last month, comedian

It’s an ill wind…

As US authorities last week launched a crackdown on internet gambling, regulators in the UK were preparing to boost the industry by scrapping restrictions on television advertising for betting chains, casinos and online gambling companies.

Pushing the envelope

With consumers increasingly immune to direct mail techniques, making your campaign stand out from the crowd calls for creativity and an awareness of the latest print technologies. By David Reed

Extending its shelf-life

Asda may be wobbling from two top marketing exits, but it is upbeat about the future – and its ability to stay ahead of Sainsbury’s, says Ian McCawley Asda has seen two top marketers leave in the space of six months and appears to be drifting into choppy waters. But in reality, like the rest […]

Orange marketer to join CW as Euro chief

Carphone Warehouse (CW) has appointed Orange marketer Alex Korda as its European marketing chief. She replaces Johnny Robinson, who is moving to a new pan-European role at the mobile phone retailer. Korda, who will report to CW’s group marketing director, Tristia Clarke, is understood to be starting at CW in the next few weeks. She […]

Digital outdoor predicts a climb

Digital outdoor advertising looks set to boom over the next few years, particularly as costs are dropping rapidly. But as this once static medium increasingly becomes a dynamic, interactive one, it is facing some challenges around technology, accountability and finding new sources of revenue. Digital outdoor advertising is predicted to increase from &£27.5m last year […]

Straw hits out at ‘Web activists’

Jack Straw took a swipe at the internet last week, complaining about, a website that links the public to their MPs. Straw, in his role as leader of the House of Commons, was complaining about the number of questions the Government receives from MPs and the public. Straw also sits on the Modernisation of […]

In-game ad firms prepare war chests

Double Fusion, one of three main in-game advertising companies, is launching a $25m (13.7m) fundraising effort as the sector reaches a critical phase. As the next wave of consoles are launched, which are capable of more sophisticated ads within games, the main in-game ad firms are putting together war chests to help convince games publishers […]

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