Asda: creating brand personality

Stephen Smith

As chief marketing officer at the UK’s second largest supermarket Asda, Stephen Smith is changing the retailer’s marketing from its functional focus to one that will help its every day low prices message hit home in a market currently mired in a price war. 

Striking the balance between standard and bespoke

Secret Marketer

I am always intrigued by the dilemma between standardisation and bespoke customisation in product delivery. As marketers, we like each customer to feel that they are the only person in the world that we are talking to at any one time – the emails that start ‘Dear John’, or the promotional offers that lift transactional data to try to pretend that you know their shopping habits better than they do. Naturally, our finance people want us to do the opposite – to mass produce a solution, and ‘cookie cut’ it as many times as possible to keep the cost down.

Overseas cold-callers are hard to pin down

Overseas cold-callers Which? magazine is running a major campaign against nuisance calls and texts and I agree with Michael Barnett that cutting off overseas calls is not easy ( However, if international companies call on behalf of a UK business then they are still under the jurisdiction of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) jurisdiction. Overseas […]

World Cup sponsors need to tread warily

Branwell Johnson

Football – it’s not a funny old game when it is the focus of hundreds of thousands of people wishing to express their anger at their government’s corruption and their desire for change.

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