New name says it all

Everything Everywhere: Vision

We could have chosen any of the conventional naming styles for our Orange and T-Mobile joint venture – a nonsense Latin-esque name, a nondescript legalistic name or even a stolid acronym. And just imagine the criticism if we had.

Striking out at BA can only backfire

A friend of mine who came over for dinner last weekend told me that he had just emailed a message of support to British Airways chief executive Willie Walsh. The email, which read “Keep on fighting and don’t give an inch”, will have landed in Walsh’s inbox the day before the first of these five-day […]

Has leopard really changed its spots?

Although I am a vegetarian, I began to ask whether McDonald’s has seen the light? The brand knows there is an ever-growing spotlight on production methods and that it can’t suddenly shed its “junk fast food” image with a fancy ad and some clever PR.

McDonald’s farm tie-up will improve brand perception

Prophet’s own annual study on corporate brand reputation, which surveyed 4,600 consumers in 2009, showed that in the fast food industry, being perceived as a company that actively contributes to its local communities, gives money to good causes, and is socially and environmentally responsible is a key driver to purchase and recommendation.

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