27 October 2005

Argos hands financial services brief to Black Hole

Argos Retail Group Financial Services (ARGFS) has appointed direct marketing specialist The Black Hole to handle its below-the-line business following a three-way pitch. The agency will work on acquisition, retention and customer management for the Argos and Homebase financial services brands. The Black Hole worked on the launch of the original Argos Card in 2000 […]

Despite GCap carping, extra DAB spectrum will be welcomed

The momentum behind digital radio is growing steadily: 2 million digital (DAB) radios have now been sold in the UK and this Christmas is expected to be a bumper year for sales as prices of DAB units tumble. So it is not surprising that Ofcom’s consultation on proposals to expand digital radio has been broadly […]

This is your captain speaking…

Despite having lost out to Willie Walsh for the top job, BA’s senior marketer has a seat on the board and a formidable power base. Even BA’s restive staff like him, says Jonathan Harwood It seems a paradox that British Airways commercial director Martin George should be described as more of a salesman than a […]

Gov’t reveals proposals for smoking ban

The Government has put forward revised proposals for a smoking ban in public places, agreeing to allow smoking in sealed rooms in pubs and bars that do not serve food and in private members’ clubs. However, the compromise deal has frustrated anti-smoking groups that wanted an outright ban, and tobacco industry sources that feel the […]

New Campaign: Kleenex Anti-Viral

Kimberly-Clark has unveiled a £3m television campaign to back its new Kleenex Anti-Viral range of tissues. The company claims it will be its biggest campaign for ten years.

Victor Chandler chief quits to join Cypriot gambling firm

Former Victor Chandler group marketing director Alan Randall has left the Gibraltar-based gaming company to take up a role as managing director of Cypriot gambling firm Casiopea. Casiopea runs several internet casinos, including BeTheDealer.com, a product where players can choose to act as the house – therefore enjoying more favourable odds, but taking on responsibility […]

Pernod Ricard axes Allied Domecq global marketing review committee

Pernod Ricard has disbanded the global marketing review board of Allied Domecq, which it bought in July, marking the first step towards the integration of the businesses. Allied Domecq’s then-chief executive Phil Bowman set up the board two years ago to review its advertising concepts and marketing strategies in response to the Government’s policy on […]

Looking beyond the 30 seconds of fame

When brand owners announce a radical overhaul of their marketing communications strategy, scepticism of their proclaimed motives is usually no bad thing. Thus, the advertising freeze implemented by Heinz has little to do with a ‘scientific’ attempt to explore the limits of brand-building via television; and much more with the fattening up of its European […]

Small businesses thinking big

The latest Marketing Trends Survey shows that smaller businesses are more positive about using marketing than larger companies, which seem to believe they can rely on their size the bring success

It’s goodbye from me, and is it also goodbye to e-tail intimacy?

E-business has come a long way since the dot-com crash, and the likes of Google are powering ahead. But growth should not be at the cost of the customer relationship that made these firms successful Just before sitting down to write this, my final column, I checked the US business headlines on Yahoo, my “newspaper” […]

Brollie battle gets personal

Umbrella etiquette, it seems, is not part of the British psyche. At the first sign of drizzle, the usual procession of eye-gouging, hair-pulling and ear-scratching umbrellas adorn our pavements. While not exactly solving this problem, internet company Branded Brollies may have provided the means by which you can at least tell where these umbrella-wielding maniacs […]

Something for the student lunch box

Whenever the Diary passes through a university campus and sees the hordes of designer clothes-wearing, mobile phone-toting students avoiding lectures, it can’t help but wonder what happened to the cash-strapped, fish finger-eating undergraduates of yore. Obviously they’re taking the television ads reassuring students that they shouldn’t worry about their loan repayments and so might as […]

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